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Man Getting a Haircut

Work With Us!

Are you a cut above the rest?

Do you want to learn to be?

I am looking for licensed barbers or cosmetologists (with a concentration in men's hair cutting/styling)

Please email only:

  • A portfolio example of your body of work

  • A brief essay on what it means to you to be licensed hair care professional.


What I Offer:

  • Excellent Location

  • Newly updated shop

  • Excellent web presence

  • Willing to promote the chair.

  • Flat chair rent, so you keep most of the money you generate.


Please submit to

Employment Agreement


Definition of Chair Rent: It is a simple and convenient way to figure out commission wages. Because there are multiple prices for the services Joe’s Barber Shop offers, a flat weekly rate is feasible. Barber or Barber/stylist has understood works under the direction of Kevin Matthews, owner of Joe’s Barber Shop.


  • Cutting performance comes before all else, the reputation of this shop was carefully built on quality and precise craftsmanship, thank you for wanting to provide the same.

  • Barber or Barber/stylist will maintain a clean work area and observe sanitation requirements.  

  • Rent is to be paid at the end of the workday on Saturday.

    • 21 hours or more - $150.00

    • 20 hours or less - $75.00

  • Dress Code – black slacks and business causal shirt or blouse.

    • Flats, leather uppers, gym shoes – black

  • Barber/Stylists will keep their own bank, other payment options are up to the individual, however; the shop advertises we take *Zelle for electronic payment.

  • Filing Income Tax is the individual’s responsibility signed on this document. I will provide the total paid rent by the second week in January of each year.

  • I, Kevin Matthews; will add your Instagram account to the website so people can view your gallery, as well as Joe’s Barber Shop Facebook page.

  • I, Kevin Matthews; will purchase the first order of business cards with the individual’s name and hours. I will provide receipts for your taxes.

  • I, Kevin Matthews will boost posts on Joe’s Barber Shop Facebook Page to promote you, as well as the Google Page.

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